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Mission Statement:


The Armchair Dynasty is a collective of 12 team managers with the goal of creating and being a part of the most in-depth, strategically challenging, long-term Fantasy Football League they’ll ever be a part of.



Article I: Format


     a. The Armchair Dynasty is a 12-team Dynasty League, where all players remain on their team permanently unless they retire, are                 dropped, or traded.


Article II: Dues and Payouts

     a. 2021 dues are $250 per manager for the year. 

     b. The Commissioner will retain $150 for purchases of the league ring and engraved plates for the various trophies.

     b. The League Champion will receive a payout of $1,750, second place will receive $500, and third will receive $250 at the close of the             season. 

     c. Weeks 1-14 will feature a $25 challenge.


Article III: Scoring


     a. The Armchair Dynasty is currently 1 Point Per Reception, 6 Points Per Touchdown, and features Individual Defensive Player scoring.           For a more in-depth look, see the scoring settings on Sleeper.


Roster Format: 


     a. Active rosters will field:

          -1 Quarterback

          -2 Running Backs

          -2 Wide Receivers

          -1 Tight End

          -1 Flex Position (RB/WR/TE)

          -1 Kicker

          -1 Defensive Lineman

          -1 Linebacker

          -1 Defensive Back

          -15 Bench Positions

          -10 Taxi Squad Positions


     b. There are no limits per position.


Article IV: Taxi Squad


     a. Rosters will have 10 taxi slots available. 

     b. Only rookies may be placed on the taxi squad initially. 

     c. Once placed on taxi, a player may remain there for two seasons until they must be activated to the active roster or cut. 

     d. Once a player on taxi is removed from the taxi squad, they must join the active roster or be cut, and can never again join the taxi                   squad. 

     e. Managers have until kickoff of the first game of the NFL season to establish their taxi squad for the season.


Article V: Injured Reserve


     a. Rosters will have 5 Injured Reserve slots available.

     b. Only players with the Injured Reserve (IR) tag or the COVID-19 Tag are eligible for Injured Reserve slots.


Article VI: Waivers and Free Agency


     a. The waiver wire will open the day after the last day of the NFL draft. (For 2021 that day is May 2nd.) 

     b. The Armchair Dynasty uses a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB.)

     c. Each manager starts the season with $200 worth of FAAB. 

     d. FAAB does not roll-over year to year.

     e. Managers put in blind bids on players on the waiver wire, the highest bid earning the acquisition. 

     f.  In the case of a tie bid, the manager who bid first acquires the player. 

     g. Managers may bid $0. 

     h. FAAB may be traded, but a manager’s total FAAB cannot exceed $200. Waivers clear at 12:05am on Wednesdays.

     i.  Once waivers clear each week, players remaining on the waiver wire move to free agency and managers can add them to their                   roster instantly.


Article VII: Trades


     a. Player trades are open as soon as the championship game finishes and the season comes to a close. 

     b. Trading will remain open throughout the off-season and into the regular season, with the trade deadline being week 11, where                     trading will close upon that week’s completion. 

     c. There will be no voting period and trades will process immediately. 

     d. The commissioner will only retain his veto rights in the event of obvious, unreasonable, and frankly, ridiculous collusion, or if a                     manager made a mistake while putting together the transaction and contradicts an agreed upon trade. This would require                           confirmation and agreement from both parties to reverse the trade. 

Article VIII: Mistakes and Glitches




Article VIII: Divisions


     a. The Armchair Dynasty hosts two divisions; the “First Round Quarterbacks” and the “Third Round Kickers.” 

     b. The winner of each division earns a first-round bye week in the playoffs, despite their record compared to teams in the other                       division.


Article IX: Playoffs


     a. The Armchair Dynasty hosts a three-week bracketed playoff for the Championship. 

     b. Six teams enter the playoffs, the team with the best record in each division earning the first-round bye week. 

     c. The remaining four spots will be placed by record. 

     d. In the case of a tie record, the tie-breaker will go to Points For.

     e. The playoffs will begin in week 15, semi-finals in week 16, with the Championship during week 17.


Article X: Trophies and Titles


     a. The winner of the league shall be named “League Champion” for the following year. 

     b. Their name will be emblazoned upon the perpetual trophy, which they will take into possession until a new Champion is named. 

     c. The team with the worst record of the regular season shall be named “Last Place Loser,” and will take possession of the perpetual               trophy with their name shamefully plastered upon it. 

     d. Further, The Last Place Loser will add a token of their choice to the trophy.

     e. The six teams that fail to reach the playoffs will enter The Toilet Bowl.

     f.  The loser of The Toilet Bowl shall be named “Shit King/Queen” and receive the perpetual Toilet Seat, with their name shittily stuck to           it. The commissioner feels the seat should replace the one on your current “throne,” but that’s just his opinion.

     g. Should a team with the worst record of the regular season ALSO lose the Toilet Bowl, they shall be named “Emperor/Empress of                 Excrement.” They shall receive BOTH the Last Place Loser Perpetual Trophy and the Toilet Seat, as well as a special trophy/token to             keep for the rest of their days.

     h. The Emperor/Empress of Excrement will surrender naming rights of their team to the League Champion.

     i. The Emperor/Empress of Excrement will also perform a further punishment to be decided upon at a later date.


Article XI: Rookie Draft


     a. The yearly draft will be five rounds and consist entirely of the NFL rookie class. 

     b. Each round’s draft order will be linear.

     c. Draft order is dictated by regular season record in reverse for all non-championship teams. The Champion and Runner-Up take                  spots 12 and 11 respectively.

     d. Draft picks can be traded from the start of the off-season, during the draft, and through the trade deadline week. 


Article XII: Offseason


     a. Upon the finish of the season, the waiver wire will be closed and trading will re-open. 

     b. The waiver wire will re-open the day after the completion of the NFL draft. 

     c. Any additions, redactions, or changes to the bylaws can be addressed and voted on during the off-season.

Article XIII: League Bets

  • At any time, league members can make a bet. These can be between individuals, involve multiple individuals, or offered to the entire league. 

  • The specifics of a bet can have a wide range, enough that I'm not going to cover anything in detail. You all know what betting is. As long as it involves willing participants, that's your business.

  • Bets will be formally made in Sleeper Chat. Afterwards, the Commissioner will ask each party involved if they agree to the terms. Example:

    • Taylor: "I bet Jenna $200 that Travis Etienne will finish the season with more fantasy points than Christian McCaffrey.​

    • Jenna: "Yes I will take that bet."

    • Commish: "Taylor, do you agree to the terms of the bet?"

    • Taylor: "For some reason, yes."

    • Commish: "Jenna, do you agree to the terms of the bet?"

    • Jenna: "Yes absolutely."

  • After the agreement, the Commissioner will place the bet and its terms on the Big Board of Bets to keep track and for accountability.

  • It is recommended to be very specific when making your bets.

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