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 how many leagues?! 

 with asa and erik 

 episode 5 

Darren Waller Tore My Heart Out
Football season is here! Asa and Erik talk week 1 matchups, running back flops, and early injuries.

 episode 4 

Pre-season Notes, Injuries, and Snap-Hooks
The injury train rolls on! We share pre-season thoughts, explore trade situations, and reflect on bad golf outings.

 episode 3 

Hot Dog: The League Keeper Mock Draft
We talk recent trades, Hot Dog: The League history, and run a mock draft based on this year's keeper picks.

 episode 2 

Draft Results and a Visit from Noah
Rookie Draft complete! We analyze the results, have a chat with the Champ, and are we going to Vegas?

 episode 1 

Children Yelling and Ice-Cream Trucks
Our first podcast! Breaking down the managers, teams, and the inaugural season of The Armchair Dynasty.

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