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Armchair Dynasty Welcome Post!

The Armchair Dynasty Season 1: Laces Out!

Friends. Family. Scrubs of all ages. Welcome to The Armchair Dynasty.

Like the rest of you, I love fantasy football. I enjoy the process of finding and identifying patterns, taking risks, working deals, the whole shebang, and after many years of playing standard re-draft leagues (which I still enjoy,) I found myself wanting to be a part of something on a larger scale. Something with a big buy-in and a big pay-out, something with 12 very dedicated players interested in staying engaged with the league and each other. Something that requires real team management skills not just during the season, but in the off-season. Thus, I wanted to create a dynasty league.

If you’re still not quite sure what you’ve signed up for, a dynasty league is a fantasy football style where you keep your team from year to year. After the inaugural year (this year), the drafting process will only involve the NFL rookie class. Therefore, dynasty leagues require great emphasis on making trades, and opens up more avenues to create deals with other teams to strengthen your squad for years to come.

If you enjoy the idea of managing your league in a more in-depth fashion, this is your league.

If you’ve found yourself listening to podcasts on fantasy football in recent years, this is your league.

If you enjoy trading, wheelin’, and dealin’, this is your league.

If you like to talk a little smack and keep things interesting through the season, this is your league.

I invited you all because you’ve expressed a deeper interest in fantasy football that I feel matches well with the notions above. Nothing drives me crazier than being in a league where players check out when they have a weak team. I want players who, during a bad season, say to themselves “cool, what moves and trades can I make to put myself in a better position for next season?”

If this sounds like too much, no big deal. Let me know and I’ll find a replacement. If you get excited at the prospect, then good. I’m looking forward to creating something special.

Now, let’s hope we have football this season.


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