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Taxi Squads and FAAB Bidding

Heyo!! Let’s talk about Taxi Squads and FAAB bidding! Taxi Squads Another layer to your roster will be a Taxi Squad. To put it simply, these spots are basically bench spots, but they’re reserved and intended for rookie players. Think of this as a space where you can store rookie players you believe may become valuable assets in future years, but don’t have the skill and experience just yet to put on your active roster. The real-world NFL application to this would be a practice squad.

In the rules I’ve set up currently, your Taxi Squad will need to be established before the start of the first game of the season. As soon as the first ball is snapped on September 10th, you may not add further players onto your Taxi Squad, and you’ll have 5 Taxi Squad spots total. A player on a Taxi Squad can be activated at any time and moved onto your bench during the season. However, once that player comes OFF the Taxi Squad, they CANNOT go back ON, thus you’ll need to manage the space on your bench that they’ll be taking via drops or trades.  Players can stay on a Taxi Squad for up to two years. After 2 years of experience in the NFL they must be activated to your roster, traded, or dropped. Hopefully that makes sense. If I failed at explaining that, check out THIS ARTICLE from Pro Football Network shared to me by Ben Fowler. FAAB Bidding The next addition to this league that you may have less experience in is FAAB bidding. FAAB (Free-Agent Acquisition Budget) replaces the waiver wire system you’re probably used to, where the worst team in the league gets first priority on selecting un-rostered players. FAAB utilizes a blind bidding system where managers can bid on an available player, and those who are willing to spend more will be rewarded with that player once waivers clear. It’s that simple. Your FAAB Budget resets every year. In our case, our budget will be $200 (fake) dollars FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON, and once you’ve won a bid on a player, the money spent is gone. For those who did not win the bid, you’ve lost nothing. Example: Tom Brady ends up on the waiver wire. Team A bids $30, Team B bids $0, Team C bids $53. Team C wins and earns Tom Brady for their team. Team C now has a remaining budget of $147 dollars for the rest of the season, while Team A and B have lost nothing and still have their $200. Team C COULD have bid $31 and won, thus saving some money, but because these are blind bids it will have cost them the full $53. Notice that Team B bid $0. You will have the ability to bid $0 on a player. If no one else bids on that player, then bam! You snagged them for free! If Someone sneaks in with a $1 bid, then too bad. Shouldn’t have been so cheap. In the event of a tie, (if two teams bid the same amount,) then the tiebreaker will come down to waiver priority, like rolling waivers in most leagues. This should work best for our league due to our increased bench size. We want players to move around due to trades more-so than adding and dropping via waiver wire. So when a valuable asset becomes available, everyone should have the ability to throw their hat in the ring. In addition, Sleeper offers the ability to trade FAAB budget. I’m not yet sure what this looks like in the app, but it could be an interesting little twist. As I understand it, however, you can’t obtain more than the $200 limit I’ve set, though if you’ve spent $100, you could potentially trade to replenish your FAAB to $200 if that made sense for you. At the very least, it could add a little spice to a potential trade offer. Again, if I sucked at explaining our FAAB syste, check out THIS ARTICLE from the Fantasy Footballers. Thanks team! -Asa

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