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Week 1 Recap

Week one is done and dusted, y'all.  Fuck, thank god for football. Watching the games this week and seeing the participation in the Sleeper chat was a blast. I continue to appreciate the platform, and I feel like everyone is getting more familiar with it.  Here's a recap of the week's results: I had the absolute pleasure of kicking off this league against Harry, who essentially told me to go fuck myself and choke-slam me through the floor. In similar fashion, Jenna squared up with Blake, poked him in the eye, and stole his lunch money. In another blow-out, Taylor gave Aussie Nate a stomping, reportedly telling him to go home and grow a respectable mustache. In a match-up made for the tall, dark, and (relatively) handsome, Dunbar thought he could ride Jamal Adams to victory, but Noah galloped in on Kevin Byard's back and declared victory. Fowler stepped up to Hunter and reached to twist his 'stache. When he realized it wasn't there anymore, he watched in horror as Hunter unleashed his fiery mane and banished him from the land. And finally, Waters and MT agreed to pistols at dawn, took ten paces, and took their shots. Waters narrowly missed his mark, and MT threw him in the slammer. The biggest story of week one, however, goes to the screwy-ness of IDP scoring. I watched the games with Harry and Dunbar, and we soon realized that something wasn't exactly right. To keep it short, defensive players were earning an extra 1.5 points per tackle of any kind, solo or assisted. This resulted in crazy-inflated scores from defensive players, (a linebacker on Jenna's bench had almost 60 points. Eff.)  You can look back in the Sleeper chat to see the long version, but I decided to fix the system here and now. While I'm sure everyone would have been fine with the first year being a little wacky, I know how I wanted this league to look. It was a small window to make the fix, and it seems to have been positively received for the most part. Moving forward, what's set is set, and I feel good about what's currently in place. Cheers to getting this thing going, good luck in week two. (And give your team a name, a-holes.) -Asa

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