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Week 2 Write Up

Is everyone okay?

Week 2 is always weird in fantasy football, but EFF. Is there anyone left?? Saquon Barkley, CMC, Parris Campbell, Drew Lock, Davante Adams, Jimmy G, and so many more went down and are slated to lose multiple weeks, if not the whole season.

Despite heart-crushing injuries, I'm excited to see how everyone responds with trades. Being a dynasty league, our rosters are deep and the waiver wire is thin, so trades are absolutely necessary to keep your team competitive. After the slaughter and carnage we saw in week 2, I expect to see more action.

Let's take a look at this week's results.

Welp, looks like the commish took the biggest hit this week. Saquon Barkley tore his ACL and he's gooooone for the season. Aussie Nate told me to stop crying in my beer and sent me to the land of 0-2.

Jenna waltzed into week 2 flexin' like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Taylor looked more like Rey Mysterio. She hit him with the people's elbow and pinned him for the 3-count. Rumor has it Julian Edelman tried to slide into her DMs shortly after, but she said "nah, I'm good."

Harry brought his biggest guns to his battle with Blake, but Blake doesn't believe in violence and offered Harry a joint in response. Harry said no.

In a drag race between Fowler and Dunbar, Ben was cruisin' fast and easy sitting next to Josh Allen. Imagine his confusion when Dunbar and Aaron Jones drove up alongside, slashed his tires, and sped away laughing.

The barn burner of the week went to Noah and Jason, with less than a 7 point difference. When it comes to escaping the actual burning barn, Jason tripped Noah on the way to the door and left him lying in the hay.

EmTee and Hunter rounded out the week in a ping-pong battle that would make Forrest Gump proud. As it happens, EmTee actually KNOWS Mr. Gump, who stepped in with devastating backhand and fed Hunter the L.

For myself, there's not much to celebrate this week, but at least I earned the $25 weekly challenge! Speaking of which, I've got $25 if anyone wants to trade me their RB1...

Let's keep it rolling, good luck in week 3.


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