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Week 3 Write Up

Another week, another pile of injuries.

Not as rough as week 2, but I've noticed an enormous amount of "questionable" tags coming into week 4, at least on my squad, where I'm convinced none of them will be satisfied until they're ALL injured at some point in the season.

In week 3, a few specific names continued to pull away, one commissioner that shall go unnamed took another heartbreaker. Em Tee and Jenna continue to establish their dominance going 3-0, and I find myself deep in the ground at 0-3. Not my favorite way to start a season, but I've been here before, and I've clawed my way back. Don't get comfortable, a-holes.

Today (Thursday,) brought a couple surprising news pieces. After awarding Taylor with the $25 bonus for winning the closest match of the week against Harry, a stat changed came in hot, changing the score in Harry's favor. Soul-crushing for sure for Taylor, but such is Fantasy Football. As of this writing at 2:54 in the afternoon, I'm pretty sure Harry has zero idea.

Second, the Pittsburgh/Tennessee game has officially been canceled for week 4, giving managers with stock in those players an unexpected bye week to navigate. You may have seen the notification on Sleeper, but they WILL be giving Tennesse/Pittsburgh players the COVID tag, thus making them eligible for your IR slots.

Week 4's $25 challenge will go to the team with the best combined DEFENSIVE player score! Good luck, have fun.


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