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Week 4 Write Up

And then there was one. Week four brought upsets, unwelcome surprises, and more injuries. (To me, mostly.) Coming into the week we had three undefeated teams, being Harry, Jenna, and EmTee. When the dust settled, EmTee took a thrashing from Ben's Hop Heads, taking his first loss of the year, and Jenna responded in kind against Harry, sending him to 3-1, leaving her alone as the remaining undefeated team. Week 4 also reared COVID's ugly head, with the Pittsburgh/Tennessee game canceled, and the New England/Kansas City pushed to Monday night without Cam Newton. My hope is that the NFL will continue to manage COVID moving forward, and as more cases are likely to come, this is exactly why we have deeper benches and IR slots. Each week is going to bring challenges to managers, and it may not always feel fair, but neither is football. I myself lost a few Pittsburgh players last week, but ultimately, the best manager will navigate this season well. -Asa

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