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Week 5 Write Up

Five weeks in.


Guys, I gave it my best shot. I had the chance to bring Jenna down, but I was instead LET down by my squad who is apparently made of glass. Even in a week where Jenna had to scramble to fill a roster due to COVID, the Curse of the Commissioner holds on strong. Jenna squeaked out a win to go 5-0, and I still get to search for win numero uno.

In other news, Dunbar isn't far in front of me, taking a whippin' from EmTee, who improves to 4-1. Harry twisted the throttle against a strong week from Nate, who falls to 2-3. Blake earned a much needed win against Taylor, both now 2-3. Noah finally caught a break against Ben, both sitting 2-3, and Hunter put a whippin' on Jason, our 3rd team at 4-1. Hunter also took home the $25 Blackjack Bonus, with Jonnu Smith hitting a perfect 21. Hit me, baby!

This week brought on more challenges due to COVID, so I wanted to make a mention on the subject. I want to make it clear that managing your team is up to you, and following the decisions of the NFL on schedule changes and adjustments falls on your shoulders. You should all be following enough podcasts and and receiving enough updates to stay on top of it, and I won't be making extra effort to keep everyone informed, it changes too quickly and I can't always be on top of it. Pay attention and have your own back-up plans in place. Our rosters are deep enough to do so. It's going to continue to be messy, and not always be fair, but the best manager will end up on top. (Or at least the luckiest.)

You may be in other leagues that have put different rules in place, like designating a back-up player at a position in case a game is postponed. We will NOT be doing that. To the point I made above, our rosters, IR slots, and Taxis are deep for a reason. Stay sharp.

And will somebody not named Erik Dunbar PLEASE beat Jenna soon?​


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