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Week 6 Write Up

I'm having a great time.

I love the challenge of being 0-6. It'll make my victory one for the record books.

Jokes aside, and douche-bags questioning all my weekly challenges aside, I'm stoked on how this league has turned out. Honestly, it makes my ability to focus and spend time on my other re-draft leagues difficult. Dynasty is very much my jam.

Week 7 on the way! Let's recap week 6.

Like most weeks, I was whipping EmTee's ass through like, 3 quarters, but after my guys decided to take a nap, Derrick Henry ran through my wall, yelled "Oh yeah!," and left me with an expensive repair bill.

If anything makes me feel better about being 0-6, it's watching Dunbar go 1-5. Perhaps Jenna isn't just lucky, because she sent Erik PACKIN'.

I didn't think 78.65 points was possible in a league of this size, but Noah sure proved me wrong! If it was anyone else (except Dunbar,) Blake would have taken the L. But hey, at least Noah got Mattison in that trade, amirite?

Somehow, some way, Taylor is 3-3. He climbed a mountain top, screamed "pshaw!!" to the fantasy gods, and fed Fowler a very close, very sour loss, pushing him to 2-4.

Hunter, very quietly, is essentially beating our asses. He's put up the most points on the season, and spared no expense against Aussie Nate, beating him by 44 points.

Finally, we were all privileged to see Mighty Harry take the crushing defeat he deserves. Jason put up 195 fucking points to Harry's 128. That. Will. Not. Do it. A much needed win for Waters to go 3-3.

This week's challenge was for the bench-warmers, and while Noah wouldn't shut up about becoming a rich man, Taylor nicked his wallet and took those 25 smackaroos for himself. Sell another house, Noah.

Week 7's challenge is for the running backs! Highest combined score of STARTING running backs takes the money!

Enjoy the week. Go Pats, and fuck the Niners.


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