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Write Up for Weeks 7, 8, and 9

What a beautifully infuriating game we watch and play.

The last few weeks in the NFL have given us some great games, (Arizona vs. Seattle) and some less so, (Tampa vs. New Orleands. What the fuck, Tommy?) More gross injuries, (R.I.P. Kyle Allen's Career) and more COVID to manage. 

But, here we are in week 10, and we press on. In our little world of in fantasy football, there have been fewer surprises. I still can't buy a win, Jenna and Mike can't seem to lose, and Blake is somehow 3rd in his division with a losing record and less than 1200 points on the season. Love this game.

We did get a few surprises, though! Mainly, Ben Fowler was finally the man to step up and take down Queen Jenna and hand over her first loss of the year. Dunbar edged me out in week 9, rounding out the sweep of myself, Harry, Ben, and Blake (we're all in at least 3 leagues together,) and Noah is finally starting to flex a little bit. If only we could all have Dalvin Cook.

With only 4 weeks left in our regular season, the clear front runners have made themselves known in Jenna, Hunter, and Mike, and comparatively, the rest vying for playoff spots are hot garbage. Despite having losing records, there is ample opportunity for many of us (not me) to squeeze into the playoffs.

Week 10 is the LAST WEEK FOR TRADES UNTIL THE OFF-SEASON. As I understand it with Sleeper, trades can be accepted and confirmed until the end of the Monday Night game. If you're thinking about making a move, you better make it.

Week 10's $25 challenge goes to the winner of the game with the largest margin of victory! Go get em', ass-hats.


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